Prostate cancer can be cured in 99% of men if detected in time

Most men go to the doctor when it is too late. A simple accurate test can help to solve this problem. That is exactly what we are doing at Cambridge Oncometrix. 

We are developing a convenient over-the-counter test that will be readily available to all men allowing them to check for early signs of prostate cancer. It boasts the following features:

•  Non-invasive 
•  Easy-to-use
•  Provides Immediate results      
•  Affordable
•  Miniature portable device           
•  Increased diagnostic accuracy on PSA

Our Mission

Cambridge Oncometrix aims to save lives by enabling the early detection of prostate cancer. A condition that is likely to affect 1 in 8 men at some stage of their lives.

Cambridge Oncometrix is developing a non-invasive test that will allow men to check the health of their prostate regularly. A simplified version of the test will be available for home use. A more advanced version will be used in medical institutions.

This test will be capable of accurately detecting aggressive forms of prostate cancer at the early stages of its development.


Our Journey

Biomarker discovery & validation

Identify key-biomarkers 
Develop assay

Biomarker transition from 
laboratory to clinical studies

Perform proof-of-concept clinical study  
Refine assay, develop test instrumentation
Qualify Biomarkers in a large clinical trial

Delivery to the public

Obtain regulatory approvals
Deliver the service to the medical institutions and to the home market

Together we will make a prostate cancer-free future reality for generations of men to come!

Together with Mr Kevin Vardi, prostate cancer fighter and campaigner, we are helping men to improve their chances.
If you want to do the same, please join us.

If you have any questions or need extra info.

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